Jason Carmichael


C.E.O of Ace Aquatics. Having worked in Pet Stores since 13 and even had the opportunity to serve briefly as a shadow keeper at the Metro Toronto Zoo, I’ve always loved working with animals. This love for the beauty of God’s creations is transfered to and reflected in each of our unique designs and aquascapes and in the dedication to maintaining that beauty at all times.

Cindy Williams


We’re not sure if Cindy feels out of place as the only female on our team outside of Aunt Barbara. A graduate of the University of the West Indies with a bachelors in Computer Science & Management, Cindy is very much a “hands on” lady who combines insatiable curiosity and a love for learning new things with a down to business approach to every job. Welcome to the team Cindy!

Jamonn Roberts


A first year student of the University of the West Indies, in the faculty of Social Science. Jamonn also has revealed himself to be a young ‘jack of all trades’’ Initially a volunteer, Jamonn was soon co-opted into the team and has assisted at all levels of operation from installation to administration . An active swimmer and animal lover, he enjoys the challenges each new task brings.

Jeremy Davis


When it comes time for transporting the team from point St. Lucy to St. Philip, Jeremy has proven to be safe and reliable. Jeremy “rejoined” the team after working at our partner pet store “Super Pets Mart,” bringing with him a wealth of experience and ideas. Welcome back Jeremy!

Antonio Gibson


Antonio is one of the younger members on the team, he started working part-time but is now a full time member. His passion for his work doubled with his ability to create a jovial atmosphere has made him an indispensable link in our chain.

Daniel Haynes


Rico Broomes


Roger Goddard

Shamar Prescod