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We at Ace Aquatics are the aquaculture professionals of Barbados and we are proud to be the "Living Color" representatives and product distributors in the island.

Let us know the size, shape, type, owner, and the desired location of the aquarium and we will prepare and design a quotation to fit your needs.

Give us your vision and we will bring it to life. Arrange for a site visit so that we can make sure every specification will be taken care of and leave the work to our dedicated team, we'll execute the full installation. Have a water master piece crafted together by our aquatic-artists.

Make your own selection of fish and then feel the comfort and relaxation enfold you while watching your indoor ocean's life and tranquility.

New Arrival

New arrival of saltwater and freshwater fish this week. Come see our variety of tetras, barbs, African cichlids, clownfish, triggerfish, damsels and many more. Check us out today!

Featured Services:

Ace Aquatics specializes in designing aquariums, ponds and water features.

this is the key to an amazing water feature.

Even Do-It-Yourselfers can benefit from tips from the experts.

Special Orders
we can help you source, quarantine and stock top quality exotic fish for aquariums, ponds and even game lakes.

Special Orders:

It doesn’t take long before koi keepers become koi collectors. When that happens, they don’t just want “pretty fish,” they want Kohakus, Sankes, Showas, Hi Shusuis, Goromos and Asagis just to name a few. Ace Aquatics has built a reputation for stocking its ponds with top quality Japanese koi from certified, disease free koi farms as well as select local breeders.

If authentic Japanese koi and exquisite colours and markings are what you want in your pond, give us a call.

Yes mudskippers are a fish, however, they can actually drown if they don’t get to land to breathe. You’re far more likely to see them in an exhibit at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve than in a pet store.

If its the type of fish you’re looking for though, Ace Aquatics can not only source, but also create a display to satisfy their unique needs.