Dwarf Lionfish

At Ace Aquatics we don’t moan about problems, we find solutions. We brought this little guy in for a client that loved Lionfish but whose tall, triangular aquarium was too small for a regular Lionfish (like the big guys seen in “Lucky Horseshoe” Warrens). His new name “Chibi” was coined after an anime character form that was just as cute as him.


Named after a friend of ours with an equally impressive talent for camouflage and disappearance, “Corey” was star of the show for his time at Ace Aquatics. Octopus have naturally short life spans, have to be kept by themselves and are escape artiste second to none. Think carefully before asking us to get you one!

Peacock Bass

Not everyone’s dream pond features pretty fish and blooming lilies. Peacock bass are world renowned for their spunk and challenge when hooked. We’ve stocked game lakes with these beautiful fish which we’re told are still the source of many a “one that got away” story.


Graceful and dainty, “Pegasus” and “Hercules” have an aquarium all to themselves. Seahorses are easily outcompeted by other fish for food and are therefore not suitable for most community tanks. If this is the exotic of your dream, be prepared to give them a tank dedicated to them alone.

Grass Carp

Ace Aquatics prides itself on providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to aquarium, pond and lake problems. When challenged by a discerning client to eradicate a massive overgrowth of elodea (pond weed) which was taking over their lakes, we found and imported the grass carp. Without used of any chemicals whatsoever, these fish (which were certified sterilized to ensure they do not escape to our natural waterways) restored our client’s lakes to their original beauty.

Motoro Stingray, Arowana & Paroon Shark

Whether it was the polka dot Motoro stingray cruising eerily across the sandy bottom of a large freshwater aquarium, the massive Hammerhead Mystic Sharks (Paroon Shark) or the giant Arowanas leaping six feet into the air, the “Ocean Park” collection left many impressed and amazed.

From selection, importation and introduction to capture and relocation, Ace Aquatics was there.


Yes mudskippers are a fish, however, they can actually drown if they don’t get to land to breathe. You’re far more likely to see them in an exhibit at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve than in a pet store.
If its the type of fish you’re looking for though, Ace Aquatics can not only source, but also create a display to satisfy their unique needs.

Japanese Koi

It doesn’t take long before koi keepers become koi collectors. When that happens, they don’t just want “pretty fish,” they want Kohakus, Sankes, Showas, Hi Shusuis, Goromos and Asagis just to name a few. Ace Aquatics has built a reputation for stocking its ponds with top quality Japanese koi from certified, disease free koi farms as well as select local breeders.
If authentic Japanese koi and exquisite colours and markings are what you want in your pond, give us a call.


Many people have never seen a Water Lotus in bloom. We think that’s a shame since they’re without doubt, one of the most breathtaking of pond plants. Ace Aquatics prides itself on being able to provide you with top quality, disease free pond plants, potted, fertilized and ready to bloom!